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Membership Information

The MMKC organizes five events every year. Membership fee covers all these events. Fees for any special events apart from these are determined based on the budget. Membership fee is non-refundable. It is charged in accordance with the bylaws adopted by MMKC.

Membership Period: Gudhi Padva (around end March) to Sankrant (January - next year)

Membership Type (2022) Fees

**Family Membership $125

Individual $65

*Guest fees per program $15 per person per program

* 12 years of age and below are free

** Includes visiting parents


  1. Please fill the form completely and submit your payment using one of the methods given below.

  2. Payment via

    1. Venmo: or search for MAHARASHTRA MANDAL KANSAS CITY OR

    2. Check: drawn in favor of "MMKC" or "Maharashtra Mandal of Kansas City" and hand over to one of the committee members, or mail it to this address: Vinit Chopade 16620 Hadley St., Overland Park, KS 66085

  3. Guest Fess Payment: At program venue by one of the above methods